The numbers and projections are staggering, yet this story is largely untold. If we continue on our current path, we will cause a collapse in the marine ecosystem. Project Genesis exists because the worst thing we can do is ignore these warning signs. Our oceans sequester 93% of carbon and create 60% of oxygen in our atmosphere. A healthy marine ecosystem is essential to our way of life and our planet’s future. As human populations grow we must innovate ways to work with mother nature not against her. Our current path is not sustainable:

2.7 Trillion

fish taken from our oceans globally each year with 94% of stocks unsustainable

3.9 Billion

acres of seabed destroyed every year. The European continent is 2.5B acres

100 Million

sharks killed per year. These apex predator populations are down 80-99% by species

300 Thousand

whales, dolphins and porpoises killed per year as bycatch  

Todays Impact

Estimated impact to marine ecosystem today

Marine Bed Acres Destroyed
Garbage trucks of plastic in our oceans


The face of death in our oceans. Left unchecked, the daily destruction we inflict will have serious consequences. Imagine a world where marine food chains collapse. As we wipe out apex predators from our oceans, predators lower on the food chain will grow out of proportion left unchallenged. When that happens, the building blocks of the marine food chain will collapse. How will this happen?

  • When 99% of apex predator populations are wiped out due to commercial fishing and bycatch with no sustainable reserves.
  • When safe-havens and genesis of life in coral reefs currently showing signs of death die out.
  • When we continue to annually destroy billions of acres of habitat belonging to bottom and top of the food chain.
  • When we protect only 5% of our oceans, but 90% of those reserves can be fished.
  • When we bury our heads in the sand with limited efforts to tackle this problem.

This is how it could happen if we let it.  We must take action now and not fall into the proverbial trap of procrastination and inaction. We must reverse the course.


The greatest accomplishments of humankind have always involved audacious goals and aspirations. Project Genesis is no different. We will begin by partnering with local governments, corporations and philanthropic partners to build  mother reefs off the coast of Florida and Texas. The project will leverage optimization, simulation, economic engineering and biological breakthroughs to value-engineer novel solutions and harness new innovative technologies. These reefs will be engineered to dramatically seed the gulf coast fish stocks in a renewable model that is economically feasible and has commercial viability.

We will create a reef superhighway from Florida to Texas optimized for proximity and industry to minimize costs.

We will work with industry leaders to optimize input and capital costs of reefs using economic wastes and other synergies as inputs.

We have established our plan of action to work with over 100 corporate partners, government agencies, philanthropists and celebrities to promote and sponsor this project.


To achieve the massive scale and acceleration of results we are looking to achieve we need broad support. We ask our sponsors to look to the future and the legacy to be left in tackling the greatest threats to future generations. This is for our planet, for our kids, for our grandkids and a better way of life. Our project team requires funding to formalize research and design efforts, broaden project partnerships and broadcast our message . Our headline sponsor will be recognized as our primary partner amongst over 20 Fortune 500 companies being approached for this opportunity as well as many other prominent individuals, government agencies and industry leaders.